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Please note that from 23 August 2020, Route 610N will be replaced by Route 610X between Castle Hill and QVB. Plan ahead at

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Unplanned Bus Disruption
Description including location (suburb + road name) North Epping M2 Motorway
Crash car, pedestrian
Public route/s affected: 602X, 607X, 610X, 611 612X, 613X, 614X, 615X, 616X, 619, 620X, 642X, 652X
School route/s affected: NO
Direction affected: INBOUND
Services late? How much? Up to 60 minutes
Services diverted? Yes
Diversion route Inbound services diverting via Carlingford Rd and Epping Rd. Double Deck Services terminating at Barclay Rd.
Which stops are missed? Oakes Rd Interchange inbound TSN212511
Alternative transport options?  
Other information: The road is closed until further notice
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With the normalisation of New South Wales school timetables, CDC (Hillsbus/Blue Mountains Transit /Hunter Valley Buses /Forest Coach Lines) drivers and staff are continuing with a range of measures to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Continued additional bus cleaning. School buses are cleaned thoroughly after each morning and afternoon school run. 

Extra consideration for drivers’ health. All drivers are temperature-checked before shifts and are issued with a replenishable supply of hand sanitiser. Drivers also have a dedicated COVID-19 hotline to call if they present with symptoms.

Physical distancing. At CDC we are encouraging all passengers to continue practising physical distancing on our buses.

However, in line with advice from Transport for NSW and NSW Health, physical distancing between students is not required on buses. Additionally, no student will be left at a bus stop. On regular timetabled services school students will be given priority over paying passengers, even if this means physical distancing of 1.5 metres is not achievable.

CDC NSW will continue to work closely with Transport for NSW to ensure the safety of all passengers.

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Due to Parramatta Light Rail Works, Church St North Parramatta will be closed from south of Barney to Victoria Rd. 

  • From 23:00 Friday 3rd July 2020 23:00 for approximate 3 years. 
  • Affected Routes 600 601 603 604 606 609 706 and school services. 

For more details, please refer to Driver Notice 040 Closure.

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In the past 24 hours both the Federal and state Governments have upgraded precautions designed to address the spread of coronavirus. Such measures include the mandatory closure of clubs, pubs, restaurants, indoor sporting facilities and places of worship.

At this stage, public transport, as an essential service, remains unaffected.

In order to address the continuing risk of infection, CDC businesses across Australia will be adopting measures designed to identify and prevent people who may be running a high temperature (defined as 38 degrees or higher) and therefore potentially suffering from COVID-19 from attending any of our sites.

Temperature Taking of Contractors and Visitors

All guests, contractors and delivery people visiting any of our depots will be requested to attend the Operations office and present for temperature testing prior to being allowed on site.

Temperature Taking of Employees

In addition, all employees (drivers, mechanics, operations staff and head office personnel) will be required to have their temperature taken at the beginning of their shift to ensure that they do not present at work with a high temperature.

Employees required to take temperatures will be provided the appropriate training, guidelines and protective gear to enable them to do this safely.

We thank you for your patience and understanding in cooperating with these additional measures, which are important to protect your health and safety, as well as that of our employees.