Toronto Area Tuesday PM school service changes

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From Monday 27 March 2017

Some Toronto school timetables will be changing on Monday 27 March.

You can view the school timetables below:

ARCADIA VALE PUBLIC SCHOOL T Acadia Vale PS 27.3.17.pdf (88.55kB)
BELMONT CHRISTIAN COLLEGE T Belmont Christian 27.3.17.pdf (106.25kB)
BIRABAN PUBLIC SCHOOL T Biraban PS 27.3.17.pdf (103.21kB)
BOORAGUL PUBLIC SCHOOL T Booragul PS 27.3.17.pdf (96.30kB)
CHARLTON CHRISTIAN COLLEGE T Charlton Christian 27.3.17.pdf (101.09kB)
COAL POINT PUBLIC SCHOOL T Coal Point PS 27.3.17.pdf (95.76kB)
FASSIFERN PUBLIC SCHOOL T Fassifern PS 27.3.17.pdf (96.59kB)
FENNELL BAY PUBLIC SCHOOL T Fennell Bay PS 27.3.17.pdf (97.60kB)
HERITAGE COLLEGE LAKE MACQUARIE T Heritage College 27.3.17 (80.15kB)
HOLY CROSS PRIMARY SCHOOL T Holy Cross PS 27.3.17.pdf (102.98kB)
HUNTER CHRISTIAN SCHOOL T Hunter Christian 27.3.17.pdf (100kB)
HUNTER SPORTS HIGH SCHOOL T Hunter Sport HS 27.3.17 (97.28kB)
LAKE MACQUARIE HIGH SCHOOL T Lake Macquarie HS 27.3.17.pdf (120.81kB)
MACQUARIE COLLEGE GLENDALE T Macquarie College 27.3.17.pdf (103.31kB)
MORISSET HIGH SCHOOL T Morisset HS 27.3.17 (78.71kB)
MORISSET PUBLIC SCHOOL T Morisset PS 27.3.17 (75.74kB)
MULBRING PUBLIC SCHOOL T Mulbring PS 27.3.17 (92.83kB)
RATHMINES PUBLIC SCHOOL T Rathmines PS 27.3.17.pdf (99.51kB)
RUDOLPH STEINER SCHOOL T Rudolph Steiner 27.3.17.pdf (88.60kB)
ST PAUL'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL (BOORAGUL) T St Pauls HS 27.3.17.pdf (110.64kB)
ST PHILIP'S COLLEGE - WARATAH T St Philips 27.3.17.pdf (99.18kB)
TERALBA PUBLIC SCHOOL T Teralba PS 27.3.17.pdf (101.93kB)
TORONTO PUBLIC SCHOOL T Toronto PS 27.3.17.pdf (107.24kB)
TORONTO S.D.A.PRIMARY SCHOOL T Toronto SDA 27.3.17.pdf (113.48kB)
WANGI WANGI PUBLIC SCHOOL T Wangi PS 27.3.17.pdf (101.32kB)
WARNERS BAY HIGH SCHOOL T Warners Bay HS 27.3.17.pdf (100.98kB)