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Effective Date: 02/02/2015


Bus No Route Time Bus Route
785 746
EX PENRITH STATION via Henry, L>Evan-Macquarie-Lemongrove, R>Thurston, R>King, L>Copeland, L> Richmond , R>College, R> Cambridge , R>Wrench to Herbert
785 748
EX WERRINGTON STATION via Victoria, R> Lethbridge , L>Heavey, L> Burton , R>Victoria, R>Wrench to Herbert
780 759

EX Northern & Oxford via Oxford —William to Francis

780 802
EX ROPES CROSSING SHOPS via L>Ropes Crossing Blvd, Forrester, L>Griffiths, L>Wattle, R>Jackaranda, R>Debrincat (8.13) R>Glassop, L>Forrester to St Marys Station Nth then return via Forrester, L>Christie then via Route 780 to cnr Francis & William Sts 
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Bus No Route Time Bus Route
785 311
EX Wrench St to Werrington Station via Wrench, L>Victoria, L> Burton , R>Heavey, R> Lethbridge , L> Victoria to station
785 313
EX WRENCH ST TO PENRITH STATION via Wrench, L> Cambridge , L>College, R>Copeland, R>King, L>Thurston, L>Lemongrove— Macquarie —Evan, R>Henry to station.
780 316
EX CNR FRANCIS & WILLIAM STS via Route 780 to Ropes Creek Shops (Arr 3.26) - Transfer to Route 759 (Due 3.26) for travel to Nth St Marys & St Marys Station
780 317
Ex William & Francis via William— Oxford to Northern Rd
759 326
EX ROPES CROSSING SHOPS via Hollows, L>Ropes Creek, Forrester, L>Griffiths, L>Wattle, R>Jackaranda, R>Debrincat, L>Glossop, R>Phillip, L>Lethbridge, L>Station to St Marys Station
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