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Current School Timetables

School free travel pass applications are currently being processed. Application forms can be obtained from your school office.

Select your school from the list below, to print your school timetable off the Hunter Valley Buses website, please select the print icon.

ALL SAINTS Lochinvar - ST JOSEPH'S CAMPUS H ASC St Josephs 15.2.16.pdf (147.38kB)
ALL SAINTS Maitland - ST MARYS CAMPUS H ASC St Marys 20.4.15.pdf (169.22kB)
ALL SAINTS Maitland - ST PETERS CAMPUS H ASC St Peters 18.5.15 (178.33kB)
ARCADIA VALE PUBLIC SCHOOL T Acadia Vale PS 30.6.14.pdf (88.55kB)
ASHTONFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOL H Ashtonfield PS 20.4.15.pdf (110.76kB)
AVONDALE S.D.A. SCHOOL M Avondale 27.7.2015 (125.28kB)
BARNSLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL E Barnsley PS 14.7.14.pdf (66.17kB) 
BELMONT CHRISTIAN COLLEGE M Belmont Christian 20.4.15.pdf (84.35kB)
T Belmont Christian 30.6.14.pdf (106.25kB)
BERESFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOL H Beresfield PS 20.4.15.pdf (94.82kB)
BIRABAN PUBLIC SCHOOL T Biraban PS 15.2.16.pdf (103.21kB)
H Bishop Tyrrell College 12.10.15 (121.73kB)
T BTAC 20.4.15.pdf (98.20kB)
BLACK HILL PUBLIC SCHOOL H Blackhill PS 20.4.15.pdf (75.62kB)
BOBS FARM PUBLIC SCHOOL H Bobs Farm PS 20.4.15.pdf (83.06kB)
BOLWARRA PUBLIC SCHOOL H Bolwarra PS 15.2.16.pdf (104.94kB)
BONNELLS BAY PUBLIC SCHOOL M Bonnells Bay PS 30.6.14.pdf (113.10kB)
BOORAGUL PUBLIC SCHOOL T Booragul PS.pdf (96.30kB)
BRANXTON PUBLIC SCHOOL H Branxton PS 20.4.15.pdf (89.30kB)
BRIGHTWATERS CHRISTIAN COLLEGE M Brightwaters Christian 25.7.14 (99.72kB)
CALLAGHAN COLLEGE - JESMOND CAMPUS E Callaghan College Jesmond 20.4.15.pdf (67.90kB)
H Callaghan Jesmond 15.2.16.pdf (130.94kB)
CALLAGHAN COLLEGE - WARATAH CAMPUS E Callaghan College Waratah 30.6.14.pdf (72.31kB)
H Callaghan Waratah 15.2.16.pdf (117.95kB)
CALLAGHAN COLLEGE WALLSEND CAMPUS E Callaghan College Wallsend 20.4.15.pdf (108.49kB)
H Callaghan Wallsend 20.4.15.pdf (109.37kB)
CARDIFF HIGH SCHOOL E Cardiff HS 20.4.15.pdf (64.71kB)
CHARLTON CHRISTIAN COLLEGE E Charlton Christian College 20.4.15.pdf (87.10kB)
T Charlton Christian 20.4.15.pdf (101.09kB)
COAL POINT PUBLIC SCHOOL T Coal Point PS 20.4.15.pdf (95.76kB)
COORANBONG PUBLIC SCHOOL M Cooranbong PS 30.6.14.pdf (108.83kB)
EAST MAITLAND PUBLIC SCHOOL H East Maitland PS 18.5.15 (129.85kB)
EDGEWORTH HEIGHTS PUBLIC SCHOOL E Edgeworth Hgts PS 20.4.15.pdf (76.88kB)
EDGEWORTH PUBLIC SCHOOL E Edgeworth PS 20.4.15.pdf (61.91kB)
FASSIFERN PUBLIC SCHOOL T Fassifern PS 20.4.15.pdf (96.59kB)
FENNELL BAY PUBLIC SCHOOL T Fennell Bay PS 15.2.16.pdf (97.60kB)
FERN BAY PUBLIC SCHOOL H Fern Bay PS 20.4.15.pdf (97.85kB) 
FRANCIS GREENWAY HIGH SCHOOL H Francis Greenway HS 20.4.15.pdf (118.07kB)
GLENDALE EAST PUBLIC SCHOOL E Glendale East PS 30.6.14.pdf (55.08kB)
GLENDALE TECHNOLOGY HIGH SCHOOL E Glendale HS 20.4.15.pdf (103.68kB)
GLENDORE PUBLIC SCHOOL E Glendore PS 8.2.16 (55.11kB)
GRAHAMSTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOL H Grahamstown PS 20.4.15.pdf (116.19kB)
HERITAGE COLLEGE LAKE MACQUARIE T Heritage College 27.7.2015 (80.15kB)
HINTON PUBLIC SCHOOL H Hinton PS 20.4.15.pdf (84.04kB)
HOLY CROSS PRIMARY SCHOOL T Holy Cross PS 20.4.15.pdf (102.98kB)
E Holy Cross PS 30.6.14.pdf (60.44kB)
HUNTER CHRISTIAN SCHOOL E Hunter Christian 30.6.14.pdf (66.46kB)
H Hunter Christian School 15.2.16.pdf (138.35kB)
HUNTER RIVER HIGH SCHOOL H Hunter River HS 20.4.15.pdf (123.82kB)
HUNTER SCHOOL OF THE PERFORMING ARTS H Hunter School of the Performing Arts 15.2.16.pdf (161.53kB)
E HSPA 20.4.15.pdf (70.80kB)
S Hunter School of Performing Arts.pdf(148.85kB)
HUNTER SPORTS HIGH SCHOOL H Hunter Sports High 2.2.15 (114.29kB)
E Hunter Sports HS 12.10.15 (103.83kB)
T Hunter Sport HS 2.2.16 (97.28kB)
H Hunter Valley Grammar 20.4.15.pdf (152.47kB)
S HVGS 10.14.pdf (85.18kB)
IRRAWANG HIGH SCHOOL H Irrawang HS 20.4.15.pdf (113.00kB)
IRRAWANG PRIMARY SCHOOL H Irrawang PS 20.4.15.pdf (97.92kB) 
KING STREET PUBLIC SCHOOL S King St PS 10.14.pdf (120.80kB)
KIRKTON PRIMARY SCHOOL S Kirkton PS 10.14.pdf (82.58kB)
KOTARA HIGH SCHOOL E Kotara HS 20.4.15.pdf (93.74kB)
LAKE MACQUARIE HIGH SCHOOL E Lake Macquarie HS 20.4.15.pdf (89.59kB)
T Lake Macquarie HS 15.2.16.pdf (120.81kB)
LAMBTON HIGH SCHOOL H Lambton HS 15.2.16.pdf (151.68kB)
E Lambton HS 20.4.15.pdf (118.64kB)
LARGS PUBLIC SCHOOL H Largs PS 20.4.15.pdf (82.02kB)
LINUWEL SCHOOL M Linuwel School 30.6.14.pdf (90.35kB)
H Linuwel PS 20.4.15.pdf (102.61kB) 
LOCHINVAR PUBLIC SCHOOL H Lochinvar PS 20.4.15.pdf (106.32kB)
MACQUARIE COLLEGE GLENDALE M Macquarie College 30.6.14.pdf (88.69kB)
H Macquarie College 20.4.15.pdf (113.83kB)
E Macquarie College 20.4.15.pdf (97.62kB)
T Macquarie College 20.4.15.pdf (103.31kB)
MAITLAND CHRISTIAN SCHOOL H Maitland Christian 20.4.15.pdf (138.49kB)
MAITLAND GROSSMANN HIGH SCHOOL H Maitland Grossmann HS 15.2.16.pdf (166.66kB)
MAITLAND HIGH SCHOOL H Maitland HS 15.2.16.pdf (180.09kB)
MAITLAND PUBLIC SCHOOL H Maitland PS 25.5.16 (123.98kB) 
MARYLAND PUBLIC SCHOOL E Maryland PS 20.4.15.pdf (99.32kB)
H Maryland PS 20.4.15.pdf (72.71kB)
MEDOWIE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL H Medowie Christian 20.4.15.pdf (103.21kB)
MEDOWIE PRIMARY SCHOOL H Medowie PS 20.4.15.pdf (93.57kB)
MEREWETHER HIGH SCHOOL E Merewether HS 20.4.15.pdf (105.35kB)
H Merewether High 15.2.16.pdf (159.91kB)
METFORD PUBLIC SCHOOL H Metford PS 20.4.15.pdf (104.71kB)
MILBRODALEPUBLIC SCHOOL S Milbrodale PS 10.14.pdf (82.30kB)
MILLERS FOREST PUBLIC SCHOOL H Millers Forest PS 20.4.15.pdf (83.09kB)
MORISSET HIGH SCHOOL M Morisset HS 15.2.16.pdf (137.54kB)
T Morisset HS 27.7.2015 (78.71kB)
MORISSET PUBLIC SCHOOL M Morisset PS 15.2.16.pdf (133.01kB)
T Morisset PS 27.7.2015 (75.74kB)
MORPETH PUBLIC SCHOOL H Morpeth PS 20.4.15.pdf (86.02kB)
MOUNT KANWARY PUBLIC SCHOOL H Mount Kanwary PS 20.4.15.pdf (91.17kB)
MT PLEASANTPUBLIC SCHOOL S Mt Pleasant PS 10.14.pdf (86.15kB)


T Mulbring PS 27.4.15 (92.83kB)
NEW LAMBTON PUBLIC SCHOOL E New Lambton PS 30.6.14.pdf (80.71kB)
NEWCASTLE GRAMMAR SCHOOL T Newcastle Grammar 20.4.15.pdf (97.20kB)
H Newcastle Grammar 20.4.15.pdf (82.18kB)
NEWCASTLE HIGH SCHOOL E Newcastle HS 20.4.15.pdf (103.81kB)
H Newcastle High 15.2.16.pdf (109.47kB)
OUR LADY OF LOURDES PRIMARY H Our Lady Of Lourdes 20.4.15.pdf (85.76kB)
OUR LADY OF VICTORIES PRIMARY E Our Lady of Victory PS 30.6.14.pdf (89.46kB)
H Our Lady Of Victories 20.4.15.pdf (88.26kB)
PLATTSBURG PUBLIC SCHOOL E Plattsburg PS 30.6.14.pdf (91.35kB)
H Plattsburg PS 20.4.15.pdf (84.73kB)
RATHMINES PUBLIC SCHOOL T Rathmines PS 20.4.15.pdf (99.51kB)
RUDOLPH STEINER SCHOOL E Rudolph Steiner 30.6.14.pdf (88.60kB)
  T Rudolph Steiner 20.4.15 (97.70kB)
Rosary Park Branxton H Rosary Park Catholic School 20.4.15.pdf (84.37kB)
RAYMOND TERRACE PRIMARY SCHOOL H Raymond Terrace PS 20.7.15 (118.11kB)
RUTHERFORD HIGH SCHOOL H Rutherford HS 20.4.15.pdf (134.48kB)
RUTHERFORD PRIMARY SCHOOL H Rutherford PS 20.4.15.pdf (127.81kB)
SALT ASH PUBLIC SCHOOL H Salt Ash PS 20.4.15.pdf (94.79kB)
SAN CLEMENTE HIGH SCHOOL H San Clemente High 15.2.16.pdf (137.28kB)
E San Clemente 30.6.14.pdf (147.57kB)
SEAHAM PUBLIC SCHOOL H Seaham PS 20.4.15.pdf (81.22kB)
SINGLETON HEIGHTS PUBLIC SCHOOL S Singleton Hgts PS 10.14.pdf (131.31kB)
SINGLETON HIGH SCHOOL S Singleton HS 10.14.pdf (116.95kB)
SINGLETON PUBLIC SCHOOL S Singleton PS 10.14.pdf (126.26kB)
ST ALOYSIUS PRIMARY SCHOOL H St Aloysius 20.4.15.pdf (125.79kB)
ST BENEDICT'S PRIMARY SCHOOL E St Benedicts 20.4.15.pdf (104.62kB)
ST BRIGID'S SCHOOL (RAYMOND TERRACE) H St Brigids Primary Raymond Terrace.pdf (75.28kB)
ST CATHERINES COLLEGE(JUNIOR) S St Catherines Jnr 10.14.pdf (119.61kB)
ST CATHERINES COLLEGE (SENIOR) S St Catherines Snr 10.14.pdf (117.13kB)
ST COLUMBAN'S PRIMARY SCHOOL (MAYFIELD) E St Columbans PS 30.6.14.pdf (108.10kB)
H St Columbans PS 20.4.15.pdf (81.49kB)
ST DOMINICS CENTRE FOR HEARING IMPAIRED E St Dominics Centre 30.6.14.pdf (93.36kB)
ST FRANCIS XAVIER'S COLLEGE (HAMILTON) E St Francis Xavier 20.4.15.pdf (103.33kB)
H St Francis Xavier College 15.2.16.pdf (108.04kB)
ST JOHN PRIMARY (MAITLAND) H St Johns PS 20.4.15.pdf (107.17kB)
ST JOHN VIANNEY PRIMARY SCHOOL M St John Vianney PS 15.2.16.pdf (134.06kB)
ST JOSEPHS PRIMARY SCHOOL (KILABEN) T St Josephs Kilaben Bay 8.2.16.pdf (116.48kB)
ST JOSEPH'S SCHOOL (EAST MAITLAND) H St Josephs PS East Maitland 18.5.15 (122.96kB)
ST MICHAEL'S PRIMARY SCHOOL H St Michaels PS 20.4.15.pdf (80.26kB)
ST PATRICK'S PRIMARY SCHOOL (LOCHINVAR) H St Patricks Lochinvar 20.4.15.pdf (101.54kB)
ST PATRICK'S PRIMARY SCHOOL (WALLSEND) E St Patricks PS Wallsend 20.4.15.pdf (104.62kB)
ST PAUL'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL (BOORAGUL) T St Pauls HS 30.6.14.pdf (110.64kB)
E St Pauls HS 20.4.15.pdf (93.29kB)
ST PAUL'S PRIMARY SCHOOL (RUTHERFORD) H St Pauls PS Rutherford 20.4.15.pdf (99.13kB)
ST PETER'S PRIMARY SCHOOL H St Peters PS Stockton 20.4.15.pdf (93.96kB)
ST PHILIP'S COLLEGE - WARATAH H St Phillips Christian College 15.2.16.pdf (128.27kB)
E St Philips Christian 30.6.14.pdf (131.86kB)
T St Philips 20.4.15.pdf (99.18kB)
ST PHILIPS CHRISTIAN COLLEGE - SALAMANDER H St Phillips PS Salamander Bay 20.4.15.pdf (80.61kB)
ST PIUS X HIGH SCHOOL (ADAMSTOWN) E St Pius X HS 20.4.15.pdf (105.40kB)
STOCKTON PUBLIC SCHOOL H Stockton PS 20.4.15.pdf (84.20kB)
TANILBA BAY PUBLIC SCHOOL H Tanilba Bay PS 20.4.15.pdf (85.97kB)
TARRO PUBLIC SCHOOL H Tarro PS 20.4.15.pdf (84.46kB)
TELARAH PRIMARY SCHOOL H Telarah PS 20.4.15.pdf (104.76kB)
TENAMBIT PRIMARY SCHOOL H Tenambit PS 20.4.15.pdf (87.97kB)
TERALBA PUBLIC SCHOOL T Teralba PS 30.6.14.pdf (101.93kB)
THORNTON PUBLIC SCHOOL H Thornton PS 20.4.15.pdf (82.83kB)
TIGHES HILL PRIMARY SCHOOL H Tighes Hill PS 20.4.15.pdf (109.66kB)
TOCAL COLLEGE H Tocal Agriculatural College 20.4.15.pdf (78.44kB)
TOMAREE HIGH SCHOOL H Tomaree HS 20.4.15.pdf (82.51kB)
TORONTO HIGH SCHOOL T Toronto HS 27.7.2015 (124.37kB)
TORONTO PUBLIC SCHOOL T Toronto PS 15.2.16.pdf (107.24kB)
TORONTO S.D.A.PRIMARY SCHOOL T Toronto SDA 8.2.16.pdf (113.48kB)
WALLSEND PRIMARY SCHOOL E Wallsend PS 30.6.14.pdf (87.73kB)
H Wallsend PS 20.4.15.pdf (75.88kB)
WALLSEND SOUTH PUBLIC SCHOOL E Wallsend Sth PS 30.6.14.pdf (86.38kB)
WANGI WANGI PUBLIC SCHOOL T Wangi PS 30.6.14.pdf (101.32kB)
WARATAH PUBLIC SCHOOL E Waratah PS 30.6.14.pdf (97.10kB)
WARNERS BAY HIGH SCHOOL T Warners Bay HS 30.6.14.pdf (100.98kB)
WEST WALLSEND HIGH SCHOOL E West Wallsend HS 20.4.15.pdf (102.21kB)
WEST WALLSEND PUBLIC SCHOOL E West Wallsend PS 20.4.15.pdf (85.45kB)
WIRREANDRA PUBLIC SCHOOL H Wirreandra PS 20.4.15.pdf (77.67kB)
WOODBERRY PRIMARY SCHOOL H Woodberry PS 20.4.15.pdf (81.64kB)
WYEE PUBLIC SCHOOL M Wyee PS 30.6.14 (88.44kB)

This is a guide only and may be updated at any time.